"Today a growing number of parents and grandparents work full-time, and there are more single parents than
ever. Our children are suffering the consequences.


To maintain peace and harmony at home, many caregivers are using
electronics to entertain and "babysit" children. The children are becoming addicted to these electronics, ignoring healthy interactions with others.

It's time to get back to the basics. In my 25 years as a nursery school teacher, I observed the natural desires of children to learn and play with others. This book lists more than 530 easy, inexpensive, and readily available activities enjoyed by children in my school. It also includes information about how to foster effective communication with children, teaching them about responsibility, self-awareness, and respect for others and our Earth. Most of all, this book encourages you to interact positively with our children, help each other, enjoy the moment, and establish a close connection that will last a lifetime."